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Ed Vercoe
Oleapak Pty Ltd
Olive Oil

We found it really beneficial for our company to work with business migrant customers, particularly from China. More than just one off sales we have been getting a lot of ongoing business, and this has generated a significant amount of growth for our business. And we are thoroughly enjoying it.

Roger Follett
Lake Breeze Langhorne Creek

From our perspective, there’s no doubt working with business migrants has benefited us, and there are already wine export orders coming through. For our winery’s sales, the relationship with migration agencies and the state’s business migration program goes hand in hand. Forging a relationships with a migration agency and the business migration program are a conduit for us to the China market and both have definitely benefited us.

Jonathon Jianing Li
Orchid Wine Estate

Working with business migrant help us to achieve a big growth for our export business. We engaged with many successful business partners and the migrant shared with us the old social connection in China. It is a very important resource for our business growth. Under the connection with business migrant, we are open the gate for the trading with China, as they all have successful business in China, it has input many crossover connections for our business and both party has win-win corporation result.

Craig Le Sueur
Wool Products

MiniJumbuk have worked with the Business Migration program for some time. The business migration program has been beneficial in generating new and ongoing business, along with developing strong, long term relationships into the Chinese marketplace. Success within this business category has been dependent on our ability to comprehend and assimilate our business to an understanding of Chinese culture. It is an integral part of our export strategy.