Yates Electrical Services

Redmud Green Energy is a new renewable energy project originating in rural South Australia. We are working with local land-owners to reactivate redundant parcels of land for the purposes of building large scale solar farms designed to take advantage of the volatile South Australian electricity market, by selling generated supply directly to the National Electricity Market at a wholesale rate.

Each individual solar farm costs approximately $500,000 to bring online, this includes all relevant fees for council applications, SAPN fees, network infrastructure upgrades, labour and materials.

Redmud Green Energy also have the unique advantage of being one of only eight registered Small Generation Aggregators in Australia, and one of only two in South Australia. With this license, Redmud Green Energy are able to operate as a vertically integrated company to offer a turn-key solution from the planning and construction of the solar farms, marketing, data analysis, research and development and information technology to the export of wholesale generation to the National Electricity Market, this enables us to control all processes in-house, increasing efficiency and development of the project for expansion.

This project also provides overseas investors the facility for permanent residency in Australia by assisting them in obtaining their 132 or 188 VISA provided they invest more than $1 million in regional projects such as this.