Wine Wise Consulting

Joanne Irvine is our multi-award winning wine maker of international acclaim and proud owner of Wine Wise Consulting, located in the heart of Australia’s most famous wine region, Barossa Valley, South Australia.

Since 2001, Joanne’s consultancy has served over one hundred winery clients on wide ranging subjects including winemaking, varietal styling, vineyard varietal selection, product appraisal, blending, marketing potential, product profit appraisal, and so on.

  • Vineyard Inspections and Viticultural Advice
  • Grape Processing
  • Personalised Premium Winemaking
  • Wine Management
  • Wine Storage
  • Oak Selection
  • Bottling Management
  • Product and Style Assessment and Reviews
  • Packaging Advice
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing and Sales Solutions


(Supported by Regional Development Australia Barossa)