Taings Noodles

Highway Enterprises Pty Ltd , trading with the name TAINGS Noodles has been established for 32 years. We have been mainly catering for the local Australian market , holding certifications of WQA, SQF and HACCP, we have held the majority market share of the local noodle business for Asian Noodles.

We have for the past 4 years invested in a Long Life Noodle Production machine, and we have been investing in R&D to produce the perfect Long Life/ Ambient Noodle that can last a year , without the use of preservatives, or heavy salt.

We now have a noodle range that is 100% Fat Free, Preservative Free, with No Artificial Flavours or Colours and No MSG, that is suitable for Vegans and the ordinary person.

Our Noodles with Seasoning comes with a sachet of flavouring that is artificial, but totally derived of natural substances, with no added MSGs , and is suitable even for Vegetarians.

Our Fresh Noodle Range is 97% Fat Free with No MSG.

As a manufacturer, we can make to order. We can produce products that are specific to a client, as it is, we now are working with PIRSA, to develop a nutritionally enhanced noodle , using Purple Wheat that has Phyto Nutrient benefits, and is currently recognised as a new Super Food.

Currently as a facility, as we are mainly only doing Fresh Noodles for the local market, we are only using 30% of our facility capabilities, we have potential to expand, and to develop ourselves into being a world class manufacturer that will supply dependable, clean , safe and creative foods.