Stoney Pinch Pty Ltd

The business operates from a Depot located at 484 Bookmark Avenue, Renmark West as base from which to operate the business.  The site is well suited for use as a retail outlet for Stoney Pinch.

SPQ specialises in the trade of civil earthmoving, supplying both products and services; consisting of quarrying and earthmoving, rock, sand, gypsum, rubbish removal, loader work, rock crushing and site clearing – including removal of trees and vines.  Stoney Pinch is highly regarded as the best road builder for longevity in remote areas.

Hard rock is a niche market controlled exclusively by Stoney Pinch – we hold the only non-calciferous, hard rock quarries in the Riverland.

Stoney Pinch holds a number of Extractive Mineral Leases to quarry rock and sand – typically course yellow dune sand. Stoney Pinch prepares and manages all these leases in house rather than engaging outside consultants. In about April 2015, the company uncovered an ancient beach, thought by geologists to be about 3 million years old.

The find is a deposit of fine, white, pure silica, with a low iron content, estimated by Geologist Tony Mason to be 5,900,000 tonnes of low iron sand.

Uses and markets for this include:

  • Top dressing sports fields
  • Synthetic turf filler
  • Glass manufacture
  • Fracking proppant
  • Filtration media
  • Optical glass
  • Fibre optic cable
  • Solar panels.


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