Purus Group

Purus Group was established in 2013 with a vision to deliver high quality, premium, and safe Australian foods into the Asian marketplace. In 2014 we delivered on this vision in sealing a 12-month relationship with one of China’s largest retailers by successfully selling Australian product to over 190 stores throughout China.

Purus achieved this by creating a fully managed, end to end, value chain solution that provided a direct channel for Australian producers to connect with the China’s end retailer. These efficiencies meant that, for the first time, Australian product was on shelf throughout China at an affordable price point. By doing so Purus was recognised as the largest consolidator of Australian goods into China. Improving on this, Purus signed a Strategic Framework Agreement to open up an express channel for both fresh and frozen goods through Qingdao Port.

In moving forward Purus has partnered with the largest fruit and vegetable market in South Australia to be able to export fresh Australian fruits and vegetables direct from the growers into China.