Pacific Estate Oysters


PEO is seeking to develop a long term relationship with a Chinese processor or investor who is willing to enter into a memorandum of understanding or heads of agreement to provide a market for mature live oysters into China.  This will take up to 3 years.

PEO has 2.5 million oysters in the water (on average) of various ages and we currently sell approximately 1.0 million per year – 80-90% as juvenile oysters to the West coast growers (Coffin Bay, Smoky Bay, Streaky Bay) to fatten and take to market. The balance is supplied to the local Yorke Peninsula market as mature oysters.

PEO is looking to double its production but to do that we need investment in infrastructure, baskets, fences and equipment for export accreditation as well as stock, or a heads of agreement that guarantees an export market for future production.

I invite everyone to experience the maritime activities undertaken in oyster farming (takes 2 hours) including:

  • Visiting the offshore nursery and breeding area,
  • Take in the natural landscape and sight seeing (including Dolphins and seals in the wild),
  • Taste the delicious oysters from the unpolluted waters ,
  • Experience the Australian way of Oyster Farming


Base is 200 kms from Adelaide – 2 hours by car.

Landscape viewing (visit to the leases) takes another 2 hours and is subject to weather and tidal movement.

Because we are a working vessel – Landscape viewing requires, Hat, sunglasses and closed in shoes and you may get wet from spray and waves.


Steve Bowley  宝力高

Managing Partner

Pacific Estate Oysters