Optimal Essentials International Pty Ltd

Optimal Essentials is a SA based company specialising in natural superfood powders and was developed by Adelaide nutritionist, Dr Phil Sheldon in 2006.

The company began out of a need to provide completely natural supplements to Dr Phil’s patients. After being in clinical practice for over ten years, Dr Sheldon noticed that best results were gained by keeping patients diets as natural as possible. Optimal Essentials was initially developed as a natural alternative to the synthetic vitamin tablets available on the market to help patients who were fighting illnesses, especially cancer where good nutrition is vital.

Optimal Essential products are whole-food based which means all ingredients are obtained from whole food sources with no addition of synthetic vitamins, fillers, additives, sugar, artificial sweetener or preservatives. Each batch is tested to ensure it contains the optimum blend of essential nutrients and can be safely taken while on medication or during pregnancy.

Our range of products include shakes for weight loss meal replacements, detox, bone and joint, protein, sleep improvement, kids vitamin drinks and many more.

Optimal Essentials products are suitable for export to China and have received CIQ approvals. We provide in market support for our clients.