Metcalf Group (SA)

With excellent opportunities in South Australia for investments for local and/or International investors, whether they are looking to purchase established retirement villages or invest in other property development opportunities, Metcalf Group (SA) work with their investors by supporting them through the whole investment process.

Metcalf Group (SA)’s years of experience provides the investor with the peace of mind which means that all facets of the project will be managed from the planning stage through to the building completion stage, which is project managed from our internal resources. Metcalf Group (SA) is supported and works closely in partnership with various South Australian government departments.

Our unique quality is that a high number of our property development projects are not on the open market and our contacts provide us with early opportunities for these, which makes these investment opportunity options very attractive to our potential investors. We provide a tailored approach to suit each individual investor.

Metcalf Group (SA) look forward to talking with you about your specific property investment needs.