Dominic Versace

Dominic Versace Wines is a family business, have been associated with vineyards & wines for over 100 years. The vision was and still is to create a range of superb wines produced from high quality grapes, grown in the chemical free family vineyard. Our Company is led by an experienced dedicated and dynamic board and management team spearheaded by our founders/Directors; Dominic Versace and Armando Verdiglione. They have diligently conceptualised and implemented various strategies that has lead our company to its current position in the wine industry.

Dominic Versace’s main strategy is to maintain and grow its wine labels and to seek new opportunities in both the Australian and International wine markets. DVW intends to grow market share of its core brand while developing a top priced luxury wine label as an offshoot of its flagship brand to satisfy increasing demand in the international markets as the global economy continues to improve. This will be enhanced by increased marketing into existing and international markets, with focus on the China market also continuing to increase sales through key distributors.