Clandene offers the opportunity to invest in a grain receival facility that enables farm to end use consumer quality control. the grain produced in the region covers the full suite of wheat, barley and grain legumes as well as canola.

The company has purchased all the required land and planned a complete receival facility to enable either bulk shipments or a containerisation option. The project has been completely costed with a range of options to suit investor  requirements.

Clandene is also able to offer a receival and storage facility to acquire premium quality oaten hay.  We can offer an integrated acquisition, storage and processing opportunity for the benefit of our clients.  Our brand name [Mallee Gold] reflects our confidence in the superior quality of the regions raw commodities. The commitment of Clandene and our farmer suppliers is your assurance of access to and product quality.

Supported by Regional Development Australia Murraylands & Riverland).