Australian Origin Direct

‘One-Stop’ Australia China ‘One-Stop’ Australia China 

Cross-border e-Commerce Solutions
Australia Origin Direct (AOD) is a cross-border e-commerce service for use between China and Australia. Managed by South Australian company Novel Logic Pty Ltd and in conjunction with JD Global and other partners, this e-commerce technology enables closer trade links between Australian businesses and Chinese consumers.

To better assist Australian businesses, AOD offers a complete ‘one-stop’ cross-border e-commerce solutions that includes the following:

  • Placing the products of Australian businesses on AOD,
  • and other platforms
  • The formulation and implementation of promotion strategies
  • Providing localised translation work
  • Providing cross-border payment solutions
  • Providing pre-sales and post-sales customer services ⦁ Assisting in the localisation of the brand of Australian businesses
  • Providing logistics solutions
  • WeChat developments.


AOD assists Australian businesses to sell and market their products to the Chinese consumers in China and Australia. It provides a total solution for trade and business success. AOD can assist businesses with their trade and business development, including trademark registration in China; WeChat developments; advertising and marketing; on-line and off-line sales platforms; cross border payment systems; and logistics that can provide cost-effective product delivery from Australian sellers to the Chinese consumers’ doors.

Together these form three major service sectors being the AOD e-commerce Tool Kit, AOD Supporting Services and AOD Value Add Services. The company would love to hear about businesses and see how they can assist companies to achieve their China export goals.

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