Australian Ageing and Wellness Services

Australian Ageing & Wellness Services (AAWS) is one of Australia’s leading providers of ageing well expertise to the international market, with a long history of national awards for innovation and best practice. Our focus is on building long term relationships which deliver mutual benefits and practical solutions, specifically tailored for China’s culture, health care systems and financial capacity.

AAWS is an active partner with the South Australian government in supporting China to fast track the journey towards building a world class ‘ageing well’ system which supports the healthy longevity and independence of respected elders. Aligned with Confucian values, we are collaborating with Chinese government and business to develop ‘elderly care with Chinese characteristics for the new era’ (to paraphrase President Xi Jinping).

Australian Ageing & Wellness Services understands how to drive long term success in a complex and changing markets. Our three AAWS joint venture companies (Eldercare, Southern Cross Care SA/NT and Lifecare) each have over 50 years’ experience, and collectively manage 1400 retirement living units, 4200 home and community clients and 3000 residential aged care beds.

Our ‘ageing well’ consultancy and sector development partnerships are focused on supporting government and businesses to develop their internal expertise and long term independence through:

  • ‘continuum of care’ business models
  • capital project concept design to future proof investments
  • business management systems and quality frameworks
  • workforce education and skills development.

Our coaching and business partnerships are tailored to suit individual agency or business needs and priorities, with both in-country and Australian-based options available.


Name: Janet Spouse

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WeChat ID: AAWS_agedcare