Australerba Herbal Products And Spagyric Laboratories

Australerba Herbal Products was established in 1979 by Prof Manfred Junius and Dr Krishna Kumar both of whom are preeminent experts in their fields through extensive study, research and experience in Herbalism, Science & Public Health Care.

Our products are crafted from carefully selected herbs which combine to increase the effectiveness of each product as well as supporting the body as a holistic system.

Our unique extraction process ensures that all the active principles present in the herbs are released in order to maximize the medicinal benefits of our products. Our range is natural, safe and of the highest quality.

With a rich history of sales in domestic and overseas markets, Australerba Herbal Products is fully resourced and ready to move into new markets in the Chinese Aged Care Sector.


Name: Dr. Krishna Kumar

Telephone:+61 (08) 8346 0631