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Jay Weatherill

South Australian Premier

The South Australia-Shandong relationship has entered an exciting new phase, and this SASD Connect platform will help businesses in both locations to pursue opportunities and create jobs.

The site is a comprehensive and practical resource.

Besides highlighting tangible trade and investment opportunities, SASD Connect provides details of the local government jurisdictions that play a crucial leadership and support role in fostering two-way business.

South Australia and Shandong have achieved a great deal under the formal sister-state relationship signed in 1986.

SASD Connect helps us to broaden and deepen our ties in a mutually beneficial way, and I commend it to all small and medium enterprises that are seeking valuable commercial insights and a competitive edge.


Minister for Investment and Trade; Minister for Small Business

South Australia and the Shandong Province have a long relationship, underpinned by our sister state relationship. The development of this platform, South Australia-Shandong Connect, further enhances our connection.

This initiative strengthens our inter-governmental relations, and connects small and medium enterprises to increase two-way trade and investment.

South Australia is rich with opportunity, and on this platform you will find opportunities from a number of industries across the state.

As a Local Government initiative, I commend South Australia and Shandong local governments for taking this step. I look forward to growing our trade and investment opportunities through SASD Connect.

In 2016 Shandong Province and South Australia will celebrate the 30th anniversary of our sister-state relationship, a strategic partnership focused on mutual economic and commercial outcomes.

To encourage stronger economic cooperation, Shandong and South Australia have developed SASD Connect – a unique platform aimed at opening up trade and investment opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

SASD Connect is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between State

Government of South Australia and Shandong Department of Commerce in support of Shandong’s prefectures and South Australia’s Local Government.

This government to government supported pathway provides a competitive way for SMEs to engage between South Australia and Shandong.

The platform’s objective is to encourage trade and investment between the two states, leading to mutual economic growth in the future.re.