Wattle Range Council

The Regional Australia Institute provides a comparative competitiveness ranking of all Local Government Areas in Australia. Wattle Range Council is ranked number one in Australia by the Institute for Nett Primary Production.
Wattle Range is one of South Australia’s most highly productive and diverse agricultural regions with a range of products including, wine grapes, cereal grain, softwood and hardwood timber, pastures and livestock, and horticulture. Manufacturing and paper product manufacture also play a significant role in the region. Fishing is also a major contributor to the economy and aquaculture is an emerging industry.

The Wattle Range Council district is situated in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia and stretches from the Coast to the Victorian border. The District has a growing tourism industry and is home to many popular tourist and holiday coastal destinations including the internationally renowned Coonawarra wine region.

The area is well resourced, with reliable water supplies and available energy, well developed transport systems and roads, and access to quality trades and engineering services.
Wattle Range is well placed to accommodate population growth, given its strong economy and well serviced regional centres.

The area is rich in environmental assets, including coastal environments, national parks, conservation areas and woodlands. It has a close major regional centre, Mount Gambier (population around 23,500), which has a strong
economy based on agriculture and timber processing, a wide range of educational, retail and commercial facilities and services, and extensive infrastructure.

Wattle Range covers an area of approximately 4,000 kms² and the district’s service centre, Millicent, is located approximately 400 kilometres from Adelaide and 500 kilometres from Melbourne.