Rural City of Murray Bridge

The Rural City of Murray Bridge is the regional centre of the Murraylands enjoying world class transport routes including easy access to Adelaide, its port and airport, and interstate freight routes. This enhances the city’s strength as a leading centre for premium agricultural, food processing, tourism and commercial businesses.

The Murray River and the regions climate have sustained prosperous development and growth in irrigated agriculture which includes dairy farming, pasture, horticulture, greenhouse, beef, poultry and pork industries. 65% of the regions land is used for agricultural production, valued significantly at A$110.53 million (2012/13).

Located beside the beautiful Murray River, this prestigious environment makes the Murraylands the perfect location for tourism and real estate developments with the availability of key industrial commercial land at reasonable prices. Land prices range between A$1,250 per ha to A$5,000 per ha (equal to A$83 per Mu and A$333 per Mu). By 2020, the income from tourism in the region is predicted to grow by 40% from it’s current value of A$86 million (equal to CNY ¥ 397 million, exchange rate 1 AUD= 4.61 RMB).

The Rural City of Murray Bridge was involved in the 2015 Shandong:South Australia Outbound and Inbound Business missions. Mayor Brenton Lewis recalls the trip to Shandong with great enthusiasm including the welcoming hospitality, impressive international standard port facilities and the widely-varied business opportunities ahead.

We welcome businesses who are looking forward to investing and partnering with local business with a focus on developments in agriculture, tourism, real estate, infrastructure/energy and advanced manufacturing.

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