Port Pirie Regional Council

Located on Spencer Gulf South Australia, Port Pirie is only 220 kilometres north of Adelaide, in close proximity to the Southern Flinders Ranges.

Port Pirie is the largest city in the State’s Mid North Region and plays an important role as a regional service centre, with many of the surrounding smaller towns relying on Port Pirie for education, healthcare, retail and employment.

The City has excellent education and healthcare options, an array of sporting clubs and recreational areas, and is also a centre for regional tourism. Together with a thriving retail sector, Port Pirie offers a range of business and lifestyle opportunities.

Business and industry expansion opportunities identified as being applicable to Port Pirie include:

  • Value adding to agriculture
  • Intensive livestock
  • Aquaculture
  • Service industries particularly in support of new mining activities
  • Building and construction
  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Renewable energy and alternative water sources
  • Knowledge intensive industries.

While the Port Pirie Regional Council has not enjoyed a direct relationship with the Shandong Province before, we see this latest trade mission as the perfect opportunity to build links to this important area of China.  Port Pirie Regional Council however has not been hesitant in forming new ties with China in the past.  A sister city relationship was formed in the year 2000 with Suizhou City in the Province of Hubei with delegations sent to China and received back in Port Pirie.

On behalf of the Port Pirie Regional Council, I would like to offer my hand in friendship and welcome and invite you to find out more about this important Regional area of South Australia.  Port Pirie is well situated on the Spencer Gulf with access to port, road and rail.  Our major industry is Nyrstar that has a long history of metals smelting and is currently undertaking a half a billion dollar upgrade to be able to recover even more precious metals in the future.  We are well situated with a strong agricultural hinterland which has some of the best cereal cropping in South Australia.  Port Pirie is a Regional City with a large range of retail outlets and also boasts an excellent range of medical services.  Our City is very liveable with an enviable climate and lifestyle.  Port Pirie Regional Council is ready for development and investment and look forward to forging new friendships with you into the future.