City of Burnside

The City of Burnside is one of Adelaide’s most prestigious residential areas and home to a thriving and diverse mix of wholesale trade facilitators; a vast range of financial, professional and health services; and vibrant retail and food services outlets.  The Council has welcomed many new immigrants over the past five years, with Chinese born residents the largest demographic by country of origin to choose to live in our beautiful city.

Located to the east, the City of Burnside borders the CBD and other key business and economic development districts; encompasses primary transport, freight and transit corridors; and serves as the gateway to the hills and the south-east of Australia.  The City of Burnside is also home to the head offices of many major companies.

We understand and appreciate the importance of strong and mutually beneficial trade and investment relationships between Shandong Province and South Australia.  We look forward to facilitating and forging lasting relationships with Chinese companies, whilst strengthening South Australia’s sister-state relationship with Shandong.