SACHINA Connect goes live

SACHINA Connect is live this month following funding from the South Australian Government Export Partnership Program.

The website is an expansion of the unique bilingual website SASD Connect, launched in 2016 to facilitate two-way trade and investment between South Australia and Shandong province.

By targeting a broader Chinese market, SACHINA Connect aims to build on the success and effectiveness of the original website and increase connection with Chinese buyers and investors.

SACHINA Connect will also be supported through a partnership with the Chinese Council for Promotion of Investment & Trade (CCPIT), providing a fantastic opportunity to expand the website’s reach.

CCPIT is a national foreign trade and investment promotion agency which implements relevant major national development strategies and promotes foreign trade, bilateral investment and economic and technological cooperation.

The Australia China Business Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CCPIT in March this year to cooperate on Australia-China initiatives.

The organisation agreed to actively promote SACHINA Connect to CCPIT offices and members, and to cooperate to encourage CCPIT inbound visits and provide on-ground support for outbound visits.

ACBC SA will also continue to work with key stakeholders, including State government, and will develop a communication plan to manage website promotion.

SASD Connect was a joint partnership between ACBC SA and the Local Government Association of South Australia, and has the support of 25 local councils.

Since its launch, the website has promoted more than 100 trade and investment opportunities and accrued almost 1,000 Chinese followers on WeChat and Weibo.

Over 30% of businesses have had a connection with a Chinese buyer/investor.

Businesses wanting to get involved with the website should contact Lisa O’Donoghue on


November 15, 2017