Business Migration Month

Business Migration Month is well underway in South Australia, highlighting opportunities offered by high net worth Chinese business people migrating to the state.

The three-part series is being hosted by the Australia China Business Council (SA), Immigration SA and the Adelaide City Council to share these opportunities with local business throughout October and November.

The Business Migration Month events are designed to increase the knowledge of skills of local businesses to better equip them to take advantage of these opportunities.

In the last three years, over 600 Chinese have successfully applied to become business migrants.

To meet entry requirements, migrants must commit to and engage in either a minimum dollar amount of trade or investment within the state.

This means migrants are required to export a minimum of $600,000 worth of South Australian goods, or invest $1.5 million into local business.

The opportunities for South Australian businesses are extremely lucrative, and the volume of trade and investment migrants are required to deliver is estimated to be between $350 million and $1 billion.

At the first event in the series, ACBC SA and partners delivered the South Australian Business Migration Summit on 24 October, bringing together key government and industry decision makers.

Around 100 government and industry leaders attended the summit.

Event two of the series, ‘Dealing with Business Migrants Training’, will be held on 13 November.

This event is designed for businesses seeking trade and investment outcomes, and will arm these businesses with the skills and knowledge to successfully engage with business migrants.

This will be followed by Business Migration Month Trade Fair to be held on 16 November where invited local businesses exhibit their products and opportunities to high net worth international buyers.

November 15, 2017