Creating biodiesel out of ‘dirty water’

Agribusiness Peats Soil & Garden Supplies was recently featured in an article by InDaily about the development of biodiesel capabilities at its plant in Langhorne Creek.

The company began making biodiesel by converting fat, oil and grease (FOG) from restaurants, businesses and supermarkets at the plant earlier this year, and is looking at beginning commercial trials.

Peats Soil was listed as a finalist in the State Government’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur prize (part of the Adelaide to Zero Carbon Neutral Challenge) which provided it with $10,000 to further develop the concept.

Peats Soil was highly commended for its idea at the awards on 20 October.

“A fleet of trucks is running around Adelaide fuelled by liquid organic waste and the company behind the innovation sees the potential to expand into commercial biodiesel production.

“Earlier this year Peats Soils and Garden Supplies began making biodiesel at its plant in Langhorne Creek by converting FOG – the fat, oil and grease produced by restaurants, businesses and supermarkets.”

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October 24, 2016